12-05-2018 Don Diego Trio Rockabilly ita

12 mei Don Diego Trio(ita)
Rocabilly met een behoorlijk goed stukje gitaarwerk! zelf schrijven ze dit.

Diego of Don Diego Trio was born in 1975, began playing classical guitar very young (in 1986), then move on, like all his peers grew up in the early 90s, to rock first, and blues then.

In 1994 he founded the Adels, first as a power trio oriented to a rockin’ Texas blues sound, then, over the years, in a neo-rockabilly formula known and appreciated throughout Europe. He played with them until the early months of 2014, when he decided to focus on his own project.

He’s also a master of swing manouche and traditional rockabilly (the first kind played along with the “Golden Era Quartet” and the second with the drumless trio “Rockin’ D and the Fabulous Roosters”).